Canon 80D, Sony A6500 – Make up our minds already!

The battle royal… Canon 80D vs Sony A6500. Or is it?

Ok, let’s state the obvious. Yes, we’re comparing a 1080P camera to a 4K camera, but why? By the way, this is going to be an overview. We’ll get more in-depth on our Twober Tech channel.

So, long story short… after hours and hours and hours of research, there is no perfect camera. Which leads us to why did we buy a Sony A6500 only weeks after buying a Canon 80D? Are we going to sell the Canon 80D? Did we not like the Canon 80D?

First, let’s list a few pros and cons of each camera…

Canon 80D


  • Dual Pixel AF – ‘Nuff Said. Ok, we should include a little more explanation. If you’re not familiar with Dual Pixel AF, dare we say Canon has the best auto focus system for video on the market. If you’re shooting vlog style or flying a camera on a gimbal without investing thousands in a wireless follow focus, reliable autofocus is really important.
  • Flip Out Rotating Screen
  • Full Touch-Screen
  • Good Battery Life
  • Good Ergonomics
  • Quick to power on and start recording
  • Good color science. Footage straight off the camera has better color than some competitors. Of course, this is subjective, but many will agree.
  • Headphone out jack for monitoring audio


  • Only 1080P
  • Sub-par external microphone pre-amp
  • Heavy…ish (Well, not really.. but remember we’re comparing to the Sony A6500)
  • It’s only 1080P?
  • Some say Canon produces a soft image.
  • By the way, did we mention it’s only 1080P? Why are we so hung up on 1080P? It’s a 4k world! Youtubers are going 4K and we must keep up with the masses. 4k is future proof.. at least for now. Ok, that last sentence contradicts itself, so instead let’s agree that 4K is far more future proof than 1080P.
  • Only 60FPS for slow motion

Sony A6500


  • 4K
  • Mirrorless – Saves Weight
  • 4K
  • Much better external mic pre-amp than Canon
  • What else? Oh yea… 4K!
  • Small
  • 2nd best auto-focus system for video, next to Canon. Again, subjective, but based on our research this is the conclusion we’ve come to.
  • SLog
  • 120 FPS for slow motion (in 1080P)
  • IBIS (in body image stabilization)


  • No flip screen, only tilt. (there are several external options but this takes away from the camera’s run and gun capability)
  • Bad battery life
  • Very limited touch screen functionality
  • No built-in headphone out (there are work arounds but that means attaching gadgets and gizmos to the camera)
  • AF system for video not as good as Canon’s

Now that we’ve listed some pros and cons let’s get back to why we bought a Sony A6500 just weeks after purchasing a Canon 80D. The answer is simple… 4K. Are we selling the Canon 80D then? Heck no… but wait, we just said we want 4K.

Ok, here are our thoughts. It is a 4K world.. Youtubers are switching over and 4K is more future proof. That said, for run and gun style Vlogs, at least for now, 1080P is sufficient. Although the Canon 80D is heavier and larger than the Sony, it’s much better for run and gun. Why? Because you can just turn it on, flip out the screen, and start shooting. It’s much better to get the shot in the moment than to be fiddling around with gear and miss the shot. Despite the Sony having the clear advantage of 4K and IBIS, it’s more work to set up an external monitor and external battery pack to make up for the horrible battery life. For this style of shooting, the gear just gets in the way of getting the shot.

So what’s the Sony for then? We’re going to shoot with the Sony in more controlled situations and not spur-of-the-moment we need to get the camera out. Our vlogs from home, equipment reviews, and more structured shoots.

If you found yourself in the same debate as us… if your budget allows, buy both. If it doesn’t, decide which style of shooting you plan to do most and base your decision on that. Most important though, get to creating!

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