AdSense Application DENIED. What?!?!???

So I just learned something new. You cannot have multiple AdSense accounts according to Google’s “AdSense Program Policies”. Wait a minute… I don’t have multiple AdSense accounts. New channel, new email addresses, new website… new NEW NEW!! Ah, but wait… are you sure??? Ends up in my case I DID have an already existing AdSense account that I opened a while back and ended up not using. The only item other than my name that was the same between my existing AdSense account and my new application was my phone number. Well… crap.

Alright, so what do you do if you find yourself in this most unfortunate of situations. According to Google you can beg.. err.. ask them for a another AdSense account, but only under very limited circumstances. It looks like they’ll allow you to have a more than one account if one is individual and the other one is business and/or the payee names are different.

Otherwise, you can associate another login with your existing account, or you can cancel your existing account if you don’t use it. In my case, I cancelled my existing account and resubmitted the application. At this point in time I am awaiting my approval. Let’s see what happens. By the way, if you cannot access your old AdSense account you’ll need to use Google’s troubleshooter. You’ll find it in step two of the link below.

Moral of the story. If you’re applying for AdSense dig deep into that well of memories you have between your ears and try to recall if you’ve previously created an AdSense account that you ended up not using.

Here’s the link to Google’s support page for “If you want to apply for more than one AdSense account”.

Now go upload those videos 🙂

UPDATE: Our AdSense account was approved. No additional steps were taken other than what we did above. Yay!

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