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Who Are The Twobers

No big budgets. No Hollywood writers. No major sponsors (yet anyway... hey, we can hope). Just us, The Twobers, and a little bit of camera and audio gear. So who are we? We are creators.

But Seriously, Who Is Behind The Tubers and Why Did You Create It?

If you haven't figured it out from our name, there are two of us. One of us is an I.T. professional by day and the other one of us is a student. Very exciting stuff, isn't it? So why Youtube? Both of us are just overgrown kids... well, sometimes anyway. We enjoy videography, photography, movies, tv shows, music, Youtube (obviously), and creating what we would like to refer to as art. Wow.. we sound like coach potatoes. We do look like potatoes, so whatever...

Anyhow, take our passions, a lot of caffeine, and a few very late weekend nights, and eureka... The Twobers was the result. So here we are for your entertainment, and in some cases (maybe?) your education.

A Closer Look At The Twobers

Here Are A Couple Of The Characters You Will See Us As On The Tubers.

(No we didn't really create animated characters. These illustrations are just for fun.)

Kai Twober

Kai appears to be a hippie, but he doesn't talk like one at all. When he does try to talk like a hippie, really he just sounds like an idiot. We would like to apologize in advance on his behalf. Honestly, we think Kai is suffering from an identity crisis. Either way, he's got interesting stuff to say. Sometimes he's funny, sometimes he's serious.

Check out our channel for when Kai will make his next appearance.

Officer Twober

Officer Twober

Officer Twober isn't your typical Youtube police.